In the past, Mama Hellen’s Advisory Team has hosted community gatherings to raise awareness about Mama Hellen’s School, to talk about the successful partnerships that are in place to support the school and to invite people to consider making a financial donation to support the school’s mission: Enter to learn…Depart to serve! Hellen works very closely with school administrators and teachers to develop an atmosphere of empowerment and a culture of “paying it forward” at the school. Students who receive financial assistance for tuition are encouraged to consider sponsoring a student in the future.

At this time, because of the continued rise in COVID cases, members of the Advisory Team think it best to not hold gatherings inside. The Team will attempt to raise awareness and support for Mama Hellen’s School through email updates to supporters of Mama Hellen’s School and the newly updated website.

There are four TOP PRIORITIES currently needed to support Mama Hellen’s School:

  1. Attract and retain high quality, dedicated Teachers
  2. Provide Tuition Assistance for students with financial need
  3. Provide funds to complete construction projects
  4. Building a sustainable and reliable power system for the school

To help achieve these goals, Mama Hellen’s Team is excited to announce it has received a $10,000 Challenge Matching Grant to help raise financial support for Mama Hellen’s School! The challenge comes from donors who have supported the school in the past and hope to see the school raise more funds to provide more impact.

With the Challenge Matching Grant, the donors will match every new donation made to Mama Hellen’s School this year – up to $10,000. That means every dollar you donate to Mama Hellen’s School will be doubled! A donation of $10 becomes $20…A donation of $50 becomes $100…A donation of $250 becomes $500!

Some families are choosing to donate together as a group — parents, grandparents, adult children, aunts, uncles, nieces and youth to make a bigger donation to Mama Hellen’s School Consider making a gift to provide tuition for a student or sponsoring a teacher for a year!

It’s important to remember that in 2013, Mama Hellen School was erected out of the ashes of war and violence in South Sudan. The village of Abara was torn apart and families in Abara had little or no financial resources with which to educate their children. With our help, we can continue to support Mama Hellen’s School and make education accessible to children and youth in this remote village.

Here is how your gift can make an impact on Mama Hellen’s School!

  • Purchase a school uniform for a student in Primary – Grade 3 $25.00
  • Purchase a school uniform for a student in Grades 4 – 8 $35.00
  • Purchase a School Backpack $35.00
  • Desk for 2 students $60.00
  • Sponsor a student in Pre-K – Grade 3 and provide a uniform: $160.00 per year
  • Sponsor a student in Grade 4– 8 and provide a uniform: $220.00 per year
  • Purchase a solar battery $450.00
  • Sponsor a Teacher for Pre-K – Grade 3, including benefits: $2,000 per year
  • Sponsor a Teacher for Grade 4 – Grade 8, including benefits: $2,250.00 per year
  • Complete power installation (solar and battery) $14,150.00