In 2019, Mama Hellen’s School received the Top Award in South Sudan based on the students’ test scores on standardized tests. In 2020, students also achieved academic success. This is certainly a credit to the hard work of the students, and, especially, to the dedication and commitment of the teachers who taught through challenging times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to COVID-19. The government temporarily closed all schools in South Sudan. The local government in Magwi County where Mama Hellen’ School is located, used radios to provide ongoing education for children while the schools were closed. This was very challenging because many families did not have access to radios and there was little or no reception in remote areas. Teachers at Mama Hellen’s School made home visits to assist students and their families.

Photo: “Finalists” at Mama Hellen’s School earn high scores, despite challenges brought about by the pandemic.