Hellen’s son, Innocent, has led efforts to update and re-launch the website for Mama Hellen’s School. Visit the site now!  https://mamahellenschool.com/

The website will feature updated information on Mama Hellen’s School. Secure payments can be made to Mama Hellen’s School online using the Donate button on the school’s website. The donate button will take you directly to the St. Cloud Mission Office Mission Office website which serves as the fiscal agent for Mama Hellen’s School. We are very grateful that the Mission Office provides this service to Mama Hellen’s School!

St. Cloud Mission Office

The St. Cloud Mission Office serves as the fiscal sponsor for Mama Hellen’s School. The Mission Office documents donations that are received and sends donors a letter acknowledging their contribution to Mama Hellen’s School. This letter serves as documentation that the donor has made a charitable contribution. Mama Hellen’s Advisory Team is very grateful for the partnership and support of the Mission Office!

You can make a donation to Mama Hellen’s School on the Mission Office website. Go to the Mission Office Homepage:  < https://www.stcloudmissionoffice.com >

Scroll down on the Homepage and click on the DONATE “Let’s Go” button. That will take you to a safe and secure Vanco website. Click on the DONATE button for Mama Hellen’s School to make a donation! The direct link is: < https://secure.myvanco.com/L-YS79/home >

If you prefer to mail a check, fill out the form below. Please PRINT carefully. Make your check out to: St. Cloud Mission Office. In the Memo line, print Mama Hellen’s School.

Mail the check along with the form to:

St. Cloud Mission Office

11th Avenue S.

St. Cloud, MN 56301